let’s talk makeup my friends.

Today, I decided to talk to yo guys about de makeup and other products I use and love. Let’s start!

First : always be clean (important!) take a shower or a bath everyday.

In the shower I use Kiehl’s shower bath liquid body cleanser in vanilla. (I just love the smell)

For my hair I love using bumble & bumble crème de coco shampoo and conditioner. (it leaves your hair beautiful and smelling great!)

After taking a shower I love to put a moisturizer on my body and my favorite is crème de corps de kiehl’s.

The next step is also really important : washing your face.

First I use Clinique 3 steps program

sometimes my skin is dry after so I use Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer

Later I put Guerlain météroites perles, the best makeup base ever. It leaves your skin looking flawless.

Let’s start the makeup.

First I use Lise Watier portfolio to hide the small imperfections.

After I use Chanel teint innocence compact crème universel in Albâtre.

and a small touch of Chanel poudre universelle compacte in Naturel.

For my eyes I use Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Black Ink. I love it! It stays all day long.

For a bigger eye effect I use YSL mascara. Beautiful and long eyelashes that never smell so good.

To put some color on my face since I have very fair skin I put Chanel blush, Joues contraste in Pink explosion.

and to make my face shine even more I had Guerlain météorites on all my face.

Some small other touch would be puting Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray on my hair. I’m pretty sure I will be using it this fall to remind myself of the summer days.

Also the nails, I really looking forward to the new Chanel vernis color for Fall 2011.

but I will also be using one of my personal favorite which is Chanel le vernis Inattendu.

Finaly another personal favorite would be Christian Dior Crème de Rose.

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