Vogue’s 30 ultimate fashion adventures.

1. Climb up the fire escape of a 30-storey Manhattan hotel in a Gucci minidress and heels.

2. Have your honeymoon wardrobe delivered in a Goyard initialled trunk.

3. Don a Jean Paul Gaultier couture bustier and entertain at home.

4. Take your whippet for a winter walk in an Alaïa sheepskin jacket.

5. Wear a biker jacket in the style of Marlon Brando.

6. Be like the late Brooke Astor and travel (just once) with a maid.

7. Buy a bespoke bra at Alice Cadolle on rue Cambon, Paris.

8. Have a bank vault for your jewels.

9. Go to the zoo in an immaculate tailleur and pose like Avedon’s “Dovima With Elephants”.

10.  Make like a Helmut Newton muse and wear a Kamali swimsuit, real jewels and heels on the rocks in Monaco.

11. Wear Le Smoking to seduce a man in the bar at the Carlyle in Manhattan.

12. Order a Bespoke alabaster silk nightdress and peignor, trimmed with chantilly lace

13. Feel moved by an opera at Rome’s Teatro Dell’Opera, wearing a red Vintage Valentino gown.

14. Be the inspiration for a dress…

15. Wear a veil and long evening gloves, and maintain a poker face.

16. Wear a tiara.

17. Own a Chanel handbag.

18. Wear head-to-toe Gareth Pugh when meeting your boyfriend’s parents.

19. Have your white shirts hand made by Charvet, to wear unbuttoned with faded denims.

20. Walk barefoot across Venice’s Piazza San Marco at midnight, with a full-skirted silk Prada dress billowing around you

21. Book a carriage on the Train Bleu from Paris to the South (as did Lagerfeld, Warhol, Coco Chanel and Jean Cocteau). Dine in silk pyjamas, and play the card game Onze until dawn

22. Wear a Vivienne Westwood corset dress on the night bus.

23. Emerge Ursula Andress-style in a bikini, with a knife belted around your waist

24. Visit the Pantheon dawn in a Vionnet gown

25. Dive off a yacht still wearing a Borsalino sun hat – and not care

26. Gallop away in a Balenciaga riding hat.

27. Do a Linda crop and go peroxide – just once

28. Negotiate the marble staircase of The Club at The Ivy, after several cocktails, without tripping in your Pierre Hardy shoes.

29. Revel in the drama of a Dior couture show in Paris

30. Stroll insouciantly down the boulevard Saint-Germain in a Burberry trench, Sabbia Rosa lingerie, bare legs and Manolo stilettos

One comment

  1. If such an exotically rare and iconic creature actually exists, kindly notify me at once for further instructions… A cœur vaillant, rien d’impossible! ~ Timothée

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